Thursday, February 25, 2021

Piassa, the spare part delivered to your home in 24 hours!

Cars, motorcycles or trucks are essential to ensure your daily trips, and also for the transport of goods.

But like any machine, these cars, motorcycles, and trucks can break down! This breakdown not only makes your daily trips impossible, but it also prevents the purchase of your spare parts to fix the problem.

This is why Piassa is here! To provide you with all your vehicle’s spare parts needs at home.

We had the pleasure of exchanging with Mr. Youcef Boudjema, founder of Piassa, our Startup of the day to learn more about his service.

How would you describe your startup?

PIASSA is a digital platform for ordering auto/motorcycle / heavy parts with home delivery. It mainly targets people who have a broken down and immobilized vehicle either downstairs or at the mechanic’s. Our platform gives them the opportunity to order the parts they need and receive them at home or directly at the mechanical workshop of their choice. PIASSA can also be used by women motorists who do not necessarily want to move to the places where auto parts are sold, the latter being rather masculine environments.

What problem do you want to solve?

We, therefore, offer an innovative solution that will make everyday life easier for motorists, who face difficulties moving around to look for a part when their vehicles are immobilized.

How did you come up with the idea for Piassa?

The breakdown being a nightmare for all motorists, including myself, I took advantage of this period of confinement to develop this solution with my team, because we know that there is a market and great potential for the development of the latter.

Who are the founders of Piassa and their roles?

Youssef Boudjema, founder and creator of the concept, my role is to develop our services on a daily basis and adapt them both to the requirements of our customers and those of our partner sellers. I work with a freelance developer for the technical side

Describe your respective routes

Holder of a license in hotel management at the National Superior School of Tourism of Aurassi as well as a Master 2 in international hotel management at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in France, and having various experiences in Algeria and in foreign countries, I first developed a digital platform in my field, namely BLUECHAIRS, a platform for booking event spaces where I put in contact companies wishing to organize a professional event with hotels that have rooms events to offer. And since the hotels are currently not working because of the current economic situation, I wanted to create another solution while waiting for it to resume so as not to sit idly during this period of confinement, which therefore gave birth to new baby PIASSA

At what stage of development is Piassa?

Recently launched platform (open registrations)

Who are your main challengers?

Lakass, GHIAR, Pimarket.

Anything else to know about your startup?

The platform is available since June 1 on PlayStore and very soon on AppStore.

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